Urbana – Ljubljana bus card by LPP (Ljubljanski potniški promet)

The Urbana single city card is a no-contact smart card, allowing quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides on Ljubljana city buses. The Urbana card can also be used to pay for cable-car rides to the Ljubljana Castle, parking fees for white zones and parking lots managed by Javno podjetje Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice. (More info)

The Urbana card enables you to use the Ljubljana bus system hassle-free.

Participants are kindly asked to return Urbana card at the end of the conference at the registration desk.

  • First, you need to top-up the card at any Urbanomat ticket machine, kiosk, Mercator supermarket or Spar supermarket
    • the Urbanomat machines do not return change
  • One bus ride costs 1.20 EUR
  • It is possible to switch buses free of charge within 90 minutes from the first ride
  • See the Ljubljana bus line system here: PDF
  • You can use LPP’s official site to check bus departures: Bus arrivals
  • There are also some free English unofficial apps for schedules, route plans, Urbanomat locations etc. available on Google Play and Apple Store (Ljubljana Bus, LPP schedules, Lj Bus … )


An Urbanomat ticket machine

How do I pay at an Urbanomat?

  • with banknotes of €5, €10, €20 and €50
  • with €1 and €2 coins
  • with cents (€0.05, €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50) not exceeding €10 in total (this restriction is due to technical limitations of Urbanomat)
  • with payment and credit cards: Diners, BA Maestro and MasterCard
  • using the Moneta mobile phone application

The minimum amount of credit at an Urbanomat is €0.05 and the maximum is €50.

The Urbanomat machines do not return change.

Link to all locations where you can top-up your Urbana card: Urbanomat search engine | Sale and topping-up

If an error occurs while Urbanomat records the credit amount or monthly ticket on the card, please inform the Call Centre on the following number: 080 60 77, also specifying the ID number of your card. (More info)

Instructions for topping-up Urbana cards using Urbanomat machines (in Slovenian, with  pictures): PDF

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